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[Release Blitz] Neuerscheinung / Ra'chael Ohara: "Love Untamed" (Discovering Love, Band 1)


"Love, Untamed" von Ra'chael Ohara
Limitless Publishing
Erscheinungsdatum: 28.07.2015
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Eva Jones has never felt as if she belonged and now she knows why.. Eva is summoned to a lawyer's office and discovers not only is she adopted, but she's the sole beneficiary of the biological grandfather. She rushes home to tell her fiance, only to find him having sex with another woman. Her life in chaos, Eva boards a plane to the property she inherited in Alaska hoping to learn more about her birth family.
Brantley Smith wants nothing to do with a spoiled, cold-hearted rich girl. When Eva walks into his tavern, Brantley knows she doesn't belong in Alaska. He doesn't care if she's beautiful, he knows what he found in her grandfather's cabin, and plan's to stay as far away as possible. Eva is stunned by the frigid beauty of Alaska, but the biggest shock of all is the gorgeous, brooding, sarcastic bartender who seems to hate her on sight. 
But despite their initial animosity, their attraction can't be denied. Before long, Brantley would do anything to make Eva feel like she belongs... with him. However, Eva learns what really happened to her birth mother, and she's more torn then ever about her true place in the world. 
Eva's abusive, adopted mother has her own agenda. 
Pearl Jones has secrets she intends to keep buried, and she arrives to demand that Eva returns to South Carolina. Eva refuses, but Pearl's been lying for a long time and has no problem dealing out a few more to get what she wants, no matter the cost.Confronted by a dark family history and the potential loss of all she holds dear, an Eva handle the devastating truth?

love, untamed 1 love, untamed 2 love, untamed 3

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Ra’chael Ohara ist im kleinen Örtchen Bellevue in Michigan aufgewachsen. Mit 19 heiratete sie ihren Seelengefährten und die Beiden siedelten in Michigans Hauptstadt Lansing um, wo sie ihre Tochter grossziehen.
Ra’chaels Leseleidenschaft brachte sie dazu, sich hinzusetzen und ihre ganze eigene Alpha-Romance-Reihe zu verfassen.


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