Dear Author/Publisher,

if you have a book you'd like me to consider reviewing feel free to contact me via email ( but be aware that all my reviews are absolutely honest and reflecting my personal opinion. (So it might happen that I won't like your book and in this case, I won't hesitate to tell this here on my blog. But please don't be too frightened now!)

Genres I'm hardly interested in are: Science Fiction, Dystopian, LGBT and (BDSM) Erotica - I'm quite fed up with all those dominating billionaires having sex all the time when they are not busy ruling the world. Furthermore, I don't really like fantasy especially when it comes to sparkling vampires, cute werewolfs and spaceshifters.

But I'm really loving contemporary romances (lightly addicted to cowboys and rockstars), all romances with still a good love story between the sex scenes, books belonging to the NA/YA genre, novels dealing with social/family/life/health issues and (especially psychological) thrillers.
Additionally, I'm having a thing for funny reads in style of Helen Fielding's "Bridget Jones", Sue Townsend's "Adrian Mole" or Graeme Simsion's "Rosie Project" and I always like a good ghost story.

Still in? If that's the case just ask me if I'm interested in your book, too!

I'm also willing to host blog tours, to do interviews, guest posts and giveaways or to mention special book offers (as long as they are also happening on Amazon Germany due to my main audience).

I won't charge you for any of my "services" but nevertheless: if I'm accepting your inquiry I'm requiring a review copy (also doing ARCs!), either in .mobi/.azw3 format or in form of a Smashwords code.

It doesn't matter if you are a self-publisher or if your book was published by a traditional publishing company. I just wish it to be a nice read no matter who stands behind it.
I'd even prefer you to be a still quite unknown writer so I can tell my readers about someone new who isn't yet being mentioned in the whole reading scene all over the time. So don't be shy!